HUD Rebuild By Design: Plans for the Future Coast

I am honored to be part of a well-constructed, diverse-minded team for the HUD (federal Housing and Urban Development) post-Sandy “Rebuild By Design” competition, one of 10 successful teams of about 150 that applied.  The team was built and is guided by SCAPE Studios and Kate Orff, and includes designers, coastal engineers, the creators of ECO-ncrete, oceanographers, maritime high school educators, and a well-known expert on coastal fisheries, among other areas of expertise.  It brought a very wise mix of expertise and ideas on both physical and social resilience to the table.

The results of the “phase 2” set of coastal adaptation approaches are online, and four come from our team.  HUD-RBD organizers, including the Rockefeller Foundation, are seeking input on the entries, so please go and see what you think!

The entire page of entries, with a clickable map to locate one in your location, are linked here:

The entries from our team are:

Gardening The Bay: Jamaica Bay, NYC,

Living, Growing Breakwaters: Staten Island and the Inner Harbor,

More Wet Meadow, Less Land: Hackensack River, NJ (The Meadowlands),

Barnegat Bay Remade: Barnegat Bay, NJ,

You can actually leave comments and questions on the RBD website, with each entry.

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  1. spoonbeams says:

    Greetings, Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award. To see more about it go to: . I have a feeling this is not your kind of thing, but wanted to let you know how much I like what you do.

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