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Vanishing Glaciers, Rising Seas, and More Street Flooding in Low-Lying New York City Neighborhoods

A guest post by Dr. Vivien Gornitz   The Okjokull glacier in Iceland is no more. In 2014, Oddur Sigurosson, a prominent Icelandic glaciologist, declared that the remnant ice was too thin to qualify as a glacier. A plaque erected … Continue reading

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Repetitive Flooding Coming with Winter Storm Riley

Low-lying areas of the NYC Metro area should expect coastal flooding over multiple high tides Friday through Sunday, due to Winter Storm Riley’s winds coinciding with the month’s highest tides.  The forecast for coastal areas is significantly worse than for NY/NJ … Continue reading

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A “new normal” or drowning by a million drops?

I was interviewed the other day on WNYC regarding flood events of the past few months — there is a concern that the three events that flooded some low-lying neighborhoods with roughly a foot of water signify a “new normal”, but … Continue reading

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Nor’easter Flood Intermission and the Coming Second Act

As things have paused between high tides, we have a sort of intermission in the coastal flood stresses impacting many of us.  Water levels are on their way up again, and here’s an update on what happened and what I expect … Continue reading

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Nor’easter Jonas Evening Forecast Addendum

Additional details on the New York / New Jersey Metro Area Getting it right with “minor” versus “moderate” flooding is particularly important when there is ice and freezing temperatures, as NOAA’s definitions (see below) suggest some evacuation may be needed … Continue reading

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Nor’easter “Jonas” Coastal Flood Forecast

A large full-moon tide will coincide with strong winds, snowfall, and a moderate 2-5 foot storm surge this weekend, leading to the possibility of coastal flooding across our region. The areas at most risk for major flooding are Virginia, Maryland, … Continue reading

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Hurricane Joaquin flood forecast interpretation

5pm EDT, October 1, 2015 [This is a cross-post from Stevens Institute’s Davidson Laboratory.  It is a multi-contributor post summarizing our flood forecast products and interpretation] We are closely monitoring a weekend nor’easter and Hurricane Joaquin in the Caribbean, which could … Continue reading

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