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Riding on Carousels and Ocean Gyres

I had a little fun Friday with a television expert appearance, helping people understand a little mystery – what might have happened to a real estate sign from New Jersey that was found on a French beach.  The story was … Continue reading

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Increasing storm tides in New York Harbor, 1844–2013

We published a paper in the journal Geophysical Research Letters in May (paper, supporting information), and a very important yet simple result from the paper is that Stefan Talke (Portland State University) recovered historical sea level data from NY Harbor and created this great 1844-2013 … Continue reading

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Urban Oceanographer: Scuba Diving in Newark Bay

My good friend and colleague, Professor Richard (Dick) Hires loves ocean field work. It doesn’t matter what the weather or ocean conditions are, and it doesn’t matter what we’re doing. It’s always good, and always interesting to Dick. Which means … Continue reading

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Urban Oceanographer: The Lights of Manhattan Island

All good sea stories should begin with “no shi#, there I was”. This is one of those. [censored to avoid continuing to get blocked by school obscenity filters …] Back in the summer of 1994, Professor Tom Herrington and I … Continue reading

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Most people are surprised an oceanographer would bother living in New York City. Before I moved here, I was aware that the Hudson River typically runs brackish for at least its lower 20 miles, but I too failed to comprehend … Continue reading

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