Latest plume forecast for Japan

Future Japan air and water radiation plume updates will continue at a different blog site so change your bookmarks.

Predicted plume dispersion over the next 36 hours (through morning of 17 March, Japan Standard Time).  Although the plume was directed toward Tokyo and surrounding areas during the day on March 15 [left panel] (presumably causing the increase in radiation there), the plume is now projected to remain offshore through Thursday morning 17 March local time) [right panel].  This should provide time for workers to continue efforts to get the reactors under control. [Plume images are a research tool; contours are arbitrary units for visualization purposes.]

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2 Responses to Latest plume forecast for Japan

    • Philip Orton says:

      Me too. We do a lot of disaster observation and response simulations (and a few real ones) here in NYC and at Stevens Institute of Tech, and the general impression was that people were impressed with the Japanese government and people’s response to the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. No response is ever easy and people can look disorganized, but it was impressive. Best wishes for health and recovery.

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