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Large oil spill in NY harbor delays port opening

A significant oil spill in NY harbor is keeping the critical Arthur Kill closed indefinitely.  The Coast Guard reports that the diesel leak from a fuel terminal was contained November 1.  The rupture occurred as a result of Hurricane Sandy … Continue reading

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Latest plume forecast for Japan

Future Japan air and water radiation plume updates will continue at a different blog site so change your bookmarks. Predicted plume dispersion over the next 36 hours (through morning of 17 March, Japan Standard Time).  Although the plume was directed … Continue reading

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Airborne plume dispersion in coastal areas

New York City, like most megacities including Tokyo, does not have mechanisms in place to evacuate the population of the entire city.  Even the direst catastrophic scenarios entail a strategy of sheltering in place for at least some of the … Continue reading

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Blast-proofing the PATH tunnels

For the past several months the Port Authority has led a concerted effort to enhance the security of the PATH tunnels that cross beneath the Hudson River.   The four underwater railway tunnels connect New Jersey to lower and midtown Manhattan.  … Continue reading

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Which way would airborne toxic gases blow during a terrorist release?

In the event of a terrorist release of a harmful chemical, biological or radiological (CBR) agent as a weapon in an urban area, the motion of the gas and particles is unpredictable.  Factors that contribute to the complexity of the … Continue reading

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