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Blowing out the Ocean’s Waters

A fellow blogger over at Spoonbeams read my post on king tides and beachcoming  and asked what caused this Sunday’s extreme low tide in the Hudson way up near Germantown, which was baring previously unseen underwater obstacles. Here’s a plot … Continue reading

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King Tides and Sea Level Rise (and beachcombing!)

Some of the highest tides of the year are coming in the next two days, and an event is being organized to raise awareness of sea level rise.  Kate Boicourt at the New York / New Jersey Harbor Estuary Program … Continue reading

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The Hudson’s Supermoon Spring Tides and Freshet

In the off-chance that you haven’t heard about the supermoon – it’s the name someone came up with for the time that occurs every few decades when the moon is at the closest point of its elliptical orbit around Earth, … Continue reading

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