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Ancient, Dusky Rivers

The muddy waters of the Hudson and other nearby rivers these past few weeks are a result of Hurricane Irene’s heavy rains and river flooding.  You generally see the Hudson get muddy from tropical storm floods or in springtime if … Continue reading

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Hudson River or Estuary? (you may be surprised)

An estuary is defined as a semi-enclosed body of brackish water – a mixture of salty and fresh water.  So strictly speaking, the Hudson by Manhattan and northward past the Tappan Zee is normally an estuary and typically has more … Continue reading

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The Hudson’s Supermoon Spring Tides and Freshet

In the off-chance that you haven’t heard about the supermoon – it’s the name someone came up with for the time that occurs every few decades when the moon is at the closest point of its elliptical orbit around Earth, … Continue reading

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