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Urban Air Conditioning On the Piers of Manhattan

I am spending the afternoon working from Pier 45 of Hudson River Park, just across from Christopher and 10th Streets.  Not only is the temperature a comfortable ~75 degrees, but there’s a clean-air breeze (though sometimes a bit strong), cool … Continue reading

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Hudson River or Estuary? (you may be surprised)

An estuary is defined as a semi-enclosed body of brackish water – a mixture of salty and fresh water.  So strictly speaking, the Hudson by Manhattan and northward past the Tappan Zee is normally an estuary and typically has more … Continue reading

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The Hudson’s Supermoon Spring Tides and Freshet

In the off-chance that you haven’t heard about the supermoon – it’s the name someone came up with for the time that occurs every few decades when the moon is at the closest point of its elliptical orbit around Earth, … Continue reading

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Blast-proofing the PATH tunnels

For the past several months the Port Authority has led a concerted effort to enhance the security of the PATH tunnels that cross beneath the Hudson River.   The four underwater railway tunnels connect New Jersey to lower and midtown Manhattan.  … Continue reading

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Fish found a solution to PCB pollution

Fish found a solution To G.E.’s grand pollution: To P.C.B.s They say, “Yes, please!” It’s modern evolution. – Kat Allen Read or hear the NPR story here: And the peer-reviewed scientific article is in the journal Science, here. [This is … Continue reading

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Urban Oceanographer: The Lights of Manhattan Island

All good sea stories should begin with “no shi#, there I was”. This is one of those. [censored to avoid continuing to get blocked by school obscenity filters …] Back in the summer of 1994, Professor Tom Herrington and I … Continue reading

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The Hudson’s 20-foot Breaking Waves

The Hudson takes on a tremendous load of pollutants due to its proximity to New York City, yet typically disperses these pollutants without severe environmental degradation. Through field deployments on the Hudson, we have observed vigorous turbulent mixing driven by … Continue reading

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Most people are surprised an oceanographer would bother living in New York City. Before I moved here, I was aware that the Hudson River typically runs brackish for at least its lower 20 miles, but I too failed to comprehend … Continue reading

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Skyline Seabreeze

Have you ever been at the beach in early summer and had a day ruined by arrival of a cold seabreeze?  I was attempting to have my first barbecue of the year last April 3rd in Morningside Park – the … Continue reading

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